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Zodiac MX8 Review

Are you looking for a pool cleaner that effectively and effortlessly cleans your entire pool? Then look no further than the Zodiac MX8. This suction side pool cleaner climbs the walls, reverses itself and even cleans your pool’s steps.

The Zodiac MX8 will work inside an inground pool of any size or shape. Its dual cyclonic cleaning system provides it with ample power to suck up grit, dirt, organic matter, and big items. It comes with 36 feet of hose and it has the ability to operates with as little as 20 gallons per minute of suction power.

Please continue reading to learn all of the other outstanding perks of the Zodiac MX8. Without a doubt, you won’t be disappointed because this pool cleaner is truly an impressive device.

Zodiac MX8
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

Remarkable Mobility With The Zodiac MX8

The Zodiac MX8 boasts the unique X-Drive directional control gears which enable the pool cleaner to travel freely anywhere in your pool. If the pool vac runs into the pool’s corner then it will simply turn itself around. It requires no assistance because it never gets stuck.

The remarkable X-Trax mobility lets this pool cleaner climb the sides and steps of your pool with ease. It will literally traverse every foot of your pool and never get stuck. You never have to worry about getting the device unstuck as you do with other pool vacuums.

Zodiac MX8 Review

Zodiac MX8 Pool Cleaner’s Dual Cyclonic Cleaning

The Zodiac MX8 has two cleaning turbines that operate like unstoppable monsters. Grit and sand stand no chance against the machine’s cleaning power. In addition, the pool vac has a very wide path for complete cleaning coverage so it takes far less time to clean your entire pool than it does with other comparable cleaners.

Energy Efficiency In A Pool Cleaner

The MX8 was engineered to be energy efficient so it saves on your home energy costs. However, don’t let the energy efficiency fool you because the unit is powerful.

Operate the cleaner with variable-speed pumps. It will operate on as little as 20 gallons per minute of suction. There is also a built on flow regulator valve to control the water flow if it should become excessive so you don’t have to worry because the unit continues to function like a champ.

Specifications Of The MX8

Here are the specifications of the MX8 to help you make your decision.

  • Works on inground pools that are tile, vinyl, fiberglass, or concrete
  • Cable length is 39 feet
  • Connects to skimmer or 1.5-inch vacuum line.
  • The flow rate goes down to as little as 20 GPM

Pros And Cons Of The MX8

No matter what pool cleaner you decide to buy, they will have pros and cons. You must analyze the pros and cons to determine which one best fits your unique needs. Remember, what works well for one person’s pool might not be perfect for someone else.

  • Features X-Drive directional gears
  • Offers X-Trax mobility to cover not only the bottom of the pool but also the sides and steps.
  • Never becomes cornered
  • Requires no assistance because it works in a solitary fashion
  • Energy efficient
  • Picks up large and small debris
  • Features two cleaning turbines
  • Cleans a wide path
  • Operates on as little as 20 gallons per minute of suction
  • The unit must be cleaned frequently or simply stops operating when full


The Zodiac MX8 pool cleaner is a powerful little beast that requires no assistance keeping your pool spotless. The bottom, sides, and steps will all be sparkling as it effectively suctions up debris.

Without a doubt, the MX8 pool vac is one of the best on the market. It zips around your pool, uses reverse to get out of tight places, and utilizes its powerful suction to pick up large and small items.

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