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Polaris F9550 Review

Polaris F9550 has been the focus of attention lately. Its eye-catching features and advanced sport robotic functions have inspired a lot of buyers.

In scorching summers, swimming is the best exercise that could keep a person fresh and healthy. What attracts a swimmer is a clean and tidy pool. Therefore, it is really important for pool owners to maintain the pool.

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Do you need the Polaris F9550?

People have been cleaning pool by hands using stiff pool brush for scrubbing, a telescoping pole and a skimmer. But isn’t it a headache to maintain pools using hands? Also, it seems so time-consuming.

Fortunately, we’re living in the age of technology, and we should thank science for bringing Polaris F9550 for our ease. There are various kinds of pool vacuums available in the market like Zodiac MX6, zodiac MX8, and so on; ranging from low to a high price.

Not everyone goes into details while buying the pool cleaners. But there are a few questions that pop-up into your mind before you purchase a pool cleaner.

Polaris F9550 Review

These include questions like what kind of pool do I have? How much cleaning does it require? And what features in the pool cleaner are important for me to look for?

However, if you are looking for a pool cleaner with vortex vacuum technology that works at a faster speed, takes less time for clean-up, and is designed with other enhanced features, then Polaris F9550 sport robotic pool cleaner is the best choice for you.

What is so interesting about Polaris F9550? Is it also like the rest of the pool vacuum cleaners available in the market? Or does it have something special?

Let’s explore its specifications to find out.

Exciting Features Of Polaris F9550

This robotic pool cleaner has some amazing features which would definitely capture your attention. Although it looks like a remote-control toy car, it weighs approximately 21 lbs. and is robotic with vortex vacuum technology.

Have a deep look at it further.

Polaris F9550

  • Four-Wheel Drive

The first thing to notice in Polaris F9550 is the four wheels which are known as ‘Aqua-Trax.’ These tires aid the vacuum to climb on any pool surface, which proves their durability and strength.

Its four-wheel system makes it flexible hence, it can easily move around and clean all sorts of debris and hardly gets stuck anywhere.

  • Vortex Vacuum Technology

With the help of vortex vacuum technology, it can clean large debris while maintaining maximum suction that other pool cleaners fail to do. Large leaves, berries and other debris are easily sucked in by its powerful system.

Moreover, its rear water propulsion system propels it to move forward and perform well in tight corners. For instance, dust and debris under the stairs or on the pool steps can be easily cleaned.

  • Easy Lift System

Polaris F9550 automatically comes to the surface by the simple pressing of the button. It then waits for the owner to grab it and take it out of the pool. It is really amazing how a machine can do a lot on its own.

But that’s not all!

  • Canister Indicator

In other pool cleaners, owners have to check the dirt collecting cavity from time-to-time. If it gets full, then the pool cleaner stops working. And to function properly, the garbage bucket needs to be emptied. Polaris F9950 has a dirty canister indicator which alarms you as the bucket gets full.

You won’t find this indicator in other pool vacuums like that of the other range, for example, Zodiac MX6, Zodiac MX8 and also Polaris F9450.

  • Easy Cleaning Of Filter

The filter can be easily cleaned and sprayed with water. Thus, this unit takes away all hassle that comes with keeping your pool clean.

  • Seven-Day Programmable Timer

Along with the other characteristics, Polaris F9950 has a seven-day cleaning timer which you can set once. After that, you can forget about the cleaning functions it will perform for seven days. Isn’t it beneficial?

Polaris F9550 Review

  • Motion-Sensing Remote

Sport robotic Polaris F9550 also contains a motion-sensing remote. If you cannot locate the vacuum inside the pool, then with the help of the remote, you can have access to it and move it in any direction you want.

  • Alloy Caddy

Along with the remote, it also features a powder-coated alloy caddy for storage and transport purposes.

  • Swivel Cords

This feature keeps the cord from tangling up if you are not around. As a result, the machine keeps on running.

  • Cleans The Waterline

Cleaning the waterline is the most difficult task for pool owners. It is because dirt and other material debris that does not sink get accumulated there.

And many pool owners who do not have pool cleaners still use their hands or net to remove the garbage off the waterline; which might include leaves, wrappers, plastic bags, emptied plastic bottles and the like.

However, the Polaris F9550 saves the pool owners from this chore with its super waterline scrubbing mode. Isn’t it amazing?

Pros & Cons Of Polaris F9550

Having read all the above features, how can someone ignore buying this best pool cleaner? But everything that has so many advantages, on the one hand, contains some disadvantages too on the other. For this reason, it is important to acknowledge the pros and cons.

Review Polaris F9550


  • Waterline cleaning cycle for isolated tile line scrubbing is an exceptional feature that it has.
  • Four-wheel drive technology with a solid-blade scrubbing brush.
  • No hang-ups during the cleaning coverage because of the ActivMotion Sensor.
  • Moves in all directions and can climb side walls as well.
  • Easy to clean and operate.
  • Energy efficient.


  • It is very expensive because of its advanced robotic technology.
  • Not handy since it can’t be carried off easily everywhere.
  • So many features, but requires proper maintenance.
  • Can damage the vinyl surface with its brushes that can scratch the patterns on the surface or can remove the ink.
  • A little heavy as compared to many other Polaris models
  • Makes a little noise


Living in the age of science and technology, you do not need to worry if you can’t clean the pool yourself, because a robot will do it all for you. This robotic pool cleaner has helped people to maintain the pools regularly. Though expensive, the performance of the Polaris F9950 is great.

In addition, having a robotic pool cleaner can allow you to engage in multiple house chores as well. It is perfect for both large and small pools. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab yours and bring comfort to your life.


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