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Dolphin Premier Review

Swimming pools are a great luxury item. They may be considered a retreat to escape on those hot summer days. Pool parties are another past time that can be enjoyed. But, with the enjoyment of a swimming pool comes its care.

Manually cleaning your pool, yourself, or hiring maintenance services are both tedious tasks. Also, the latter option is costly, as well. So, what can be done?

You don’t need to worry. We bring you the Dolphin Premier Review; the answer to your pool cleaning dilemma.

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Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

Dolphin Premier Review – What It Is

This particular Dolphin robotic pool cleaner is designed to clean in-ground swimming pools. Thus, you only need to turn on the single button plug, and voila, you have the gadget running. Furthermore, you get a warranty of 3 years with this particular pool cleaner.

Moreover, this Dolphin pool cleaner is an ideal purchase for cleaning swimming pools of up to 50 feet. Hence, for a little gadget, it sure does support a powerful cleaning system. Also, this particular pool cleaner is equipped with the latest algorithms. Thus, it provides full cleaning coverage to your pool.

Furthermore, the Dolphin premier pool cleaner comes equipped with an anti-tangle swivel cable. Hence, this allows for easy cleaning of the pool without the cable tangling and thus hindering the cleaning.

Dolphin Premier Review


Also, the Dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner has dual brushes attached to it. Hence, with tough cleaning, it gets rid of all the grime, dust, and dirt attached to the pool’s bottom and sides. Moreover, it only takes 3 hours to clean.

In addition, it comes with 3 filter options. These are namely the bottom load fine cartridge filters, the ultra-fine cartridge filters and lastly, it comes with a big fine filter bag. Hence, this allows for thorough cleaning of your swimming pool. Be they big debris or fine silt; the Dolphin premier has got you covered.

Lastly, you may also set up a schedule for when you want your swimming pool cleaned. For example, you can choose between daily, or on alternate days or once a week. Moreover, an indicator light present on the gadget also lets you know when your filter needs cleaning.

Overall, this is one product in the list of pool cleaners that should be considered. Moreover, it is light-weight and portable, thus, also being an easy use.

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Top Features

The Dolphin premier comes with the following features:

  • Swappable Filter Cartridges

This is a differential feature that sets this particular pool cleaner apart from the rest. The Dolphin premier pool cleaner comes with three different filter options to choose from. These are the standard cartridge, the micro cartridge filter, and an oversized debris bag.

The standard cartridge gets rid of the dirt and dust that collects in the swimming pool. Meanwhile, the micro cartridge caters to preventing algae and bacteria from growing in the swimming pool. Lastly, the debris bag collects the larger particles that may drift into the pool.

  • Navigation

This particular Dolphin premier pool cleaner comes equipped with Smart Nav technology. Due to this technology, you get an optimal and thorough cleaning of your swimming pool.

Moreover, this technology allows the pool cleaner to remember the parts it has already cleaned. Thus, there is no repetitive cleaning.

Dolphin Premier

Also, it ensures the best path for the Dolphin pool cleaner to take. For example, should it start cleaning from the deep end of the pool to the shallow side or vice versa? Moreover, this technology also prevents this unit from running against obstacles.

It does so by remembering the course and avoids the obstacles, like drainage pipes on its own accord.

  • Anti-Tangle Cable

The Dolphin premier pool cleaner comes with an anti-tangle swivel cable which is 60 feet long. Hence, this allows the unit to move around the pool easily. Moreover, as the cable is able to rotate 360 degrees, the whole pool receives a thorough cleaning.

Also, with the anti-tangle feature, you will not need to keep an eye on the unit continuously. You just turn it on and drop it in the swimming pool. It will do its job.

Thus, there is also no need to worry about untangling tangled cables. Lastly, this feature also reduces frictional drag, thus making for more efficient cleaning experience.

Dolphin Premier Review

  • Hyper Grip Rubber Tracks

This feature prevents this particular pool cleaner from slipping. As a result of this feature, the Dolphin premier pool cleaner can easily clean the floor and walls. Similarly, it can even clean the sides of the walls of your swimming pool.

Moreover, the firm rubber grips reduce friction and slippage. Hence, the gadget is more firmly able to grip the area that it is cleaning. Thus, it makes for an efficient cleaning tool.

  • Power Brushes

There is an onboard software that issues instructions to the brushes. Hence, the dual brushes work vigorously to remove dirt and algae from your swimming pool. Also, this technology aids in faster and efficient cleaning of your swimming pool.

Lastly, the power of the dual brushes is such that they can reach into every corner of the swimming pool. Hence, no corner is left unclean.

  • Maytronics

Maytronics engineers have designed the Premier technology. Thus, this allows the user to take out each part of this pool cleaner separately. Hence, you can easily clean whichever part that you want.

The Maytronics Dolphin premier technology also allows for the removal and change of all parts; be they plastic or electronic. So, even though this particular pool cleaner has a modular design, its maintenance and care are no great hassle.

  • Powerful Motors

This particular Dolphin pool cleaner has motors of 24 volts. Also, these efficient and powerful motors consume as less as 90 percent of the energy when compared to other normal AC motors.

Dolphin Premier - Review

  • Multi-Media System

This feature allows users to choose from their desired filtration system. Hence, depending upon your pool’s cleaning need, you can set the setting for that particular filtration cleaning.

  • Purely Automatic

You will not need to supervise this cleaning device. Also, due to its anti-tangle cable, you will not need to keep an eye on this particular dolphin pool cleaner continuously. You just turn it on and pop it in the pool.

Pros And Cons Of Dolphin Premier

The Pros

  • Comes with a warranty of 3 years.
  • Provides a thorough and efficient cleaning of your swimming pool.
  • Features an LED light indicator for when the filter needs cleaning.
  • You can choose from an option of 3 filters.
  • Comes with an anti-tangle technology.
  • Features SmartNav technology.
  • Comes with powerful DC motors of 24 volts.
  • Features two scrub brushes.

The Cons

  • The unit can be controlled with a remote control, but it will have to be purchased separately.
  • It may be a heavier option for some people to consider.
  • The filter bags may take a lot of time to clean.

The Dolphin Premier Review – Comparison

Dolphin Premier Plaster, Vinyl and Fiberglass Yes 4500 GPH No 60 feet
Dolphin Sigma Plaster, Vinyl and Fiberglass Present 4500 GPH Yes 60 feet
Dolphin Quantum Plaster, Vinyl and Fiberglass Yes 4000 GPH N/A 50 feet

The Dolphin premier is not far behind as compared to its counterparts. In fact, when compared, it is a step ahead in some dimensions. For example, it supports a suction rating of 4500 GPH. Also, it has a cable which has a length of 60 feet.

However, in some aspects, it falls behind, for example, in the gyroscope section. Still, it is a product that should not merely be rejected on this aspect alone. The Dolphin premier pool cleaner supports the smartest and latest technology.

Moreover, it even has a novelty factor and ranks number 3 in the robotic pool cleaner’s category. Thus, we urge our readers to read our review and then make an informed decision.

The features supported by the Dolphin premier pool cleaner are worth consideration. Other pool cleaners may not give such a range of good product features.

The Final Verdict

Even looking at the comparison, the Dolphin premier pool cleaner is not far behind. In fact, in some features, it is a step ahead. Hence, it is a choice that is worth considering.

Furthermore, due to its Smart Nav technology and other prominent features like anti-tangle cable, it provides a thorough cleaning of your pool.

Although it has its drawbacks, the pros outweigh them. A pool cleaner that is equipped with the smartest technology and features a Premier is a considerable purchase. Thus, we would advise you to read thoroughly through our dolphin premier review and decide for yourself.


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