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Top 10 Best Salt Water Chlorinator in 2021 Reviews

Saltwater chlorinators can be hard to purchase, given the abundance of products out there in the market. Everyone wants the very best for themselves, and you’re unsure which product to invest in.

Don’t worry!

We’ve got you covered!

best salt water chlorinator

We have reviewed some of the very best products on the market with the intention of easing your dilemma. Hopefully, this article will help find the product you’ve been looking for. The products are discussed with all the facts and figures important for you, along with the pros and cons of the product.

We’ve also answered all of your frequently asked questions and compiled a buying guide for you, so you have no queries left.

So, keep on reading!

Top 10 Best Salt Water Chlorinator in 2021

NamePool size VoltageWarrantyChlorine outputRating
Pool size
110 and 220 V
5-year warranty
Chlorine output
1.7 lbs.
4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)
Pool size
40,000 gallons
3-year warranty
Chlorine output
4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)
Pool size
40,000 gallons
220 V
Chlorine output
1.40 lbs. per day
3.6 out of 5 stars (3.6 / 5)
Pool size
15,000 gallons
3-year warranty
Chlorine output
4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)
Pool size
15,000 gallons
110 V-120 V
1-year warranty
Chlorine output
3.4 out of 5 stars (3.4 / 5)
Pool size
8,500 gallons
110 V-120 V
2-year warranty
Chlorine output
7 g per hr.
4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)
Pool size
20,000 gallons
Chlorine output
0.4 lbs. per day
3.7 out of 5 stars (3.7 / 5)
Pool size
220V or 120V
Chlorine output
4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)
Pool size
18,000 gallons
120 V
1-year warranty
Chlorine output
3.6 out of 5 stars (3.6 / 5)
Pool size
2000 gallons
120 V
1-year warranty
Chlorine output
4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

1 Circupool SJ-40

If you want a product which looks great and works even better, then this one by Circupool is the one for you.

It is one of the most decent looking machines out there. It comes from a well-known, trusted brand which has a global following.

This product is highly durable and comes with a 5-year warranty, which is rare as usually, products come with a maximum 3-year warranty.

It is made of superior quality material, which is the reason behind its durability. Also, this product is highly convenient as it is easy to install.

However, the best part about it is that you will not be required to hire professional help to get this installed in place as you can do it yourself. This unit is very efficient in killing bacteria and algae to keep your pool clean and healthy.

Another example of its convenience is how it monitors the alkalinity and performance of the entire system. This model is very user-friendly and works on 110 and 220 V power outlets.

Moreover, a great part of this unit is that it can clean itself. This unit has a self-cleaning feature which reverses polarity to clean the machine.

Circupool SJ-40
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

  • It effectively cleans and keeps your pool healthy.
  • This unit is very energy efficient.
  • It works with various filters and pumps.
  • This product is user-friendly and convenient.
  • The installation process is very easy.
  • It has trouble with calcium buildup.

2 Hayward Goldline AQR15

You would expect a lot from a product which claims to be the best-selling salt chlorinator in the world. The best part about this product is that it stands up to all the claims it makes and has won hearts and appreciation globally.

This model is a delight to look at but also works exceedingly well. However, the looks are just one good feature of this unit. This unit has a built-in clock which is responsible for controlling the filtration of your pool.

Furthermore, it comes with a timer which you can attach to your filter pump as pools have an electrical outlet for the pumps. This product is great for eliminating chlorine odors which a lot of pool owners suffer from. As a result, it gives you water, which is not harsh to your skin and eyes.

Moreover, the maintenance time on this product is lesser than many other options out there, which makes it highly convenient. This unit is able to automatically convert salt into chlorine, which isn’t as harsh as store bought chlorine. It cuts your chlorine costs by 50% over the years.

Hayward Goldline AQR15
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

  • It effectively produces the required amount of chlorine.
  • This product is highly user-friendly.
  • It is a product of a well-renowned brand.
  • You are not required to measure or mix chlorine.
  • It comes with warranty support.
  • This unit is an expensive purchase.
  • It needs an intellichlor power center which does not come with the purchase and needs to be bought separately.

3 Pentair 520555

If user convenience and ease of use are what your priorities are when comes to a salt water chlorinator then this product is the one for you Not only will it live up to your expectations but is a great product to invest in. This unit is surely a consumer favorite.

Pentair products have a signature classic design. Most of their products look amazing and work even better. This unit is another example of that. It is equipped with an easy to view display which allows you to check the salt levels, cell cleanliness, sanitizer output, and water flow in a jiffy.

Moreover, it is very easy to adjust as well since that only requires pressing two buttons.

In addition, it has multiple settings which display all the performance data such as production settings, hours of operation, chlorine settings, cell cleaning cycles, salt. The cell of the unit has a particular lifetime. The cell use tracking features shows you the remaining hours of cell life by communicating it in real time.

Furthermore, the unit has an automatic shut off feature which is responsible for protecting it and extending its lifespan.

Pentair 520555
Our rating:3.6 out of 5 stars (3.6 / 5)

  • It has a beautiful design.
  • The product is very effective and efficient.
  • The automatic turn off feature extends cell life.
  • It is very convenient for the consumer.
  • The unit is highly user-friendly.
  • You will have to buy an adaptor separately with this product.

4 Hayward T-CELL-3

This is perhaps one of the most famous models of salt water chlorinators on the internet. The reason is the brand’s global outreach and the superior quality performance of this product.

It surely is one of those products which have divided the audiences in two.

One side critically acclaims this product for performing well and having high functionality signature to the brand Hayward. They truly are the best of the best in this industry. Meanwhile, the second side of people are impressed by the performance but deem this product way too expensive to be worth it.

We guess the choice is yours. We will give you some facts, and you can make your decision whether you think this product is worth the investment or not.

This particular variation of the model is designed to work with a pool of 15,000-gallon size. This unit is highly user-friendly and convenient to use. It reduces the chlorine smell and makes the pool experience more enjoyable for you.

Moreover, it is highly reliable and durable as it is constructed from the most top of the line materials which also account for its high functionality. It makes the most effective way of chlorination more convenient for you.

Hayward T-CELL-3
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

  • It is highly efficient and effective.
  • This unit is user-friendly and convenient.
  • The innovative technology featured works very well.
  • This unit is very expensive.

5 Intex Krystal Clear

Intex is a brand that not only puts your convenience and comfort first but does so by keeping the environment safe. This product is another example of their most loved and applauded products which grab consumers attention.

Their unit is truly one of the best-looking products in the market. The design is stylish, sleek, and a delight to own. It is incredibly compact, as well.

The looks of the design are, however, just one of its amazing features. This unit is environment-friendly. Not a lot of the people worry about it, but the degrading environment is our own fault. This unit makes sure its functioning isn’t hard on the environment.

Moreover, it uses a Titanium electrolyte cell which converts natural salt into natural chlorine. This is not as harsh on your skin as store bought chlorine. In fact, it makes the water softer and allows your skins and hair to remain unharmed.

Furthermore, the titanium cell not only works great but is a better choice for a healthier environment.

Intex Krystal Clear
Our rating:3.4 out of 5 stars (3.4 / 5)

  • It is highly effective and efficient.
  • The design is absolutely gorgeous.
  • This unit is user-friendly and convenient.
  • This unit is environment-friendly.
  • The performance and functionality make it a worthy investment.
  • It is highly durable.
  • The body is compact is sleek.
  • Works or above-ground pools only of 15,000 gallons with no larger variants available.

6 Intex Krystal Clear 1500 gph

Intex models are known to be efficient and convenient. This particular product is this and much more. This unit is highly effective and user-friendly, along with being efficient and convenient.

This product doesn’t have the best-looking design. In fact, the design of this unit looks somewhat dull and bulky. It might not be very heavy, but it isn’t compact either.

However, the looks don’t really matter for a saltwater chlorinator however they can be a good additional feature they aren’t the best suit of this unit. This product is nevertheless a great investment.

With this product, Intexx has coined excellent systems to make a very powerful design. This unit has sand filters which have been known as a very effective way to keep your pool clean and healthy.

Sand filters are a natural and inexpensive way of filtering water. Meanwhile, saltwater systems such as E.C.O electrocatalytic oxidation is used to keep your water clean and protected from the harshness of traditionally sold chlorine.

When combined, these two systems prove to be a very strong team, eliminating bacteria and keeping your water mild. Overall, the product is a great investment.

Intex Krystal Clear 1500 gph
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

  • The unit is highly effective.
  • It uses a very innovative way of keeping your pool clean and healthy.
  • The unit is highly user-friendly.
  • It is cost effective and one of the most reasonable models in the market.
  • It comes with all the accessories you need to install the unit
  • This unit only works for sand pools.
  • This product is only fit to work with small pools.

7 Solaxx CLG10A

Solaxx is a name you hear a lot and will see a lot of products from. Their brand is known for being very creative with their products. They are also known for creating units which are largely applauded by the audiences on a budget who need them to work as good as higher-end options.

This product too has a ton of reviews online, and it stands out for its excellent performance and efficiency. However, it has very divided opinions inline due to some of its factors.

This unit is highly effective and very easy to install. In fact, it comes with all that you need for installation. This unit works exceedingly well for its price range. There are no divided opinions on its performance for sure.

However, durability isn’t its strongest suit. The product comes with a cell with a very limited lifespan.

Now, don’t get us wrong. All cells have a limited period they will work for, but not as short as just one season.  A major way to improve this product would be to make it more versatile, so it can work for different types of pools. It should also come with a more durable cell.

Solaxx CLG10A
Our rating:3.7 out of 5 stars (3.7 / 5)

  • This product requires a very small concentration of salt to work.
  • This unit is highly effective and efficient.
  • It is very convenient and user-friendly.
  • The installation of the product is very easy.
  • It maintains a constant sanitized level.
  • The unit works as well as many higher-end products.
  • The lifespan of the cell is very limited.
  • It isn’t fit for pools with top air rings.
  • Doesn’t cater to commercial sized pools.

8 Pentair 520556

Pentair is a very reliable brand which is used by millions globally. This speaks a lot for the excellence of this unit. This, too, is highly effective and work brilliantly.

A noticeable feature of all Pentair products is that they look great. This one too is another gorgeous looking design. It looks very classy with muted colors and a stylish design.

This product, however, is supposed to be a replacement for your previous unit’s power center. As a result, it doesn’t have everything that you would require to set a pool system from scratch. You can easily find online whether or not this product would work for your system.

It is fit to work for a variety of systems. This unit will work for EasyTouch, Non-salt, SunTouch pool, and spa automatic pool systems. It is very effective and efficient. This product provides power and communication to and from the inteliiChlor system.

It is a necessary but expensive investment, provided that it works with your system. However, a major downside is that even with this price point, it doesn’t come with a power cord.

Pentair 520556
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

  • This unit has a gorgeous design which is stylish and pretty.
  • It is highly effective.
  • It is time efficient and energy efficient.
  • This product would work with different types of control system models.
  • It is easy to install, which saves you the cost of hiring professional help.
  • Pentair is a reputable and trustable brand which delivers excellent products.
  • It is only majorly used as a replacement.
  • It doesn’t come with a power cord.

9 Hayward Goldline AQ-TROLL-RJ

Hayward is a brand we’re all familiar with. We love and adore their products for the superior quality built and high functionality performance they provide. This is another great product by the brand, which will surely impress you.

Hayward products are the top-most quality units you can invest in. This sometimes means a hefty price, tag, but it is always justified and worthy of the investment.

This unit is highly effective and efficient. It is made from superior quality products which have a long life. In addition, it is highly durable and convenient to use.

This product performs very efficiently, not consuming a lot of energy. Moreover, it comes with a very easy installation process which you do not require professional help.

Hayward Goldline AQ-TROLL-RJ
Our rating:3.6 out of 5 stars (3.6 / 5)

  • It is very customizable with different program settings.
  • The unit leaves your water soft and silky.
  • The brand is highly reputable and provides great service.
  • This unit is very effective and efficient.
  • This product has a sleek and compact design.
  • The unit overall looks and functions very well.
  • It is very easy to install. It is easy enough for you to be able to do it yourself.
  • This unit is often reported to be a cause of corrosion.

10 Saltron mini salt system

There are several reasons why we love the Saltron mini salt system.

A major positive point of this product is that it is very easy to set up. You are not required to hire a plumber. As a result, this saves you a lot of money.

Plumbing these products not only would’ve been expensive but also a time-consuming process. Meanwhile, with help, you just set it up and start working it without any hassle.

This unit is one of the most versatile ones out there. It works for in-ground pools, above ground pools, spas, and hot tubs as well. In comparison, some units will only work for one of these pool types.

Another great feature is that it cleans itself. It comes with a reverse polarity feature which allows the unit to clean itself. Pretty much the only con to this unit is how expensive it is. However, this product is worthy of the splurge.

Saltron mini salt system
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

  • The unit works very well.
  • The product does not require any plumbing.
  • This unit is very versatile.
  • It has low energy consumption.
  • The titanium cell is very reliable and not harmful to the environment like other products available.
  • It doesn’t require you to chlorinate.
  • It works for very small pools.
  • This unit is expensive.

Best Salt Water Chlorinator Buying Guide

There are several factors to consider before investing in a quality saltwater chlorinator. Some of these may just be the make it or break it deal for you.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of all the important factors you should consider prior to investing in a chlorinator. Knowing these things about your product will give you an upper hand when you decide to purchase a chlorinator.

  • Brand

It is a fact that the brand you buy your product from is very important. Buying from a renowned brand which makes quality products is always a better option than buying a gimmicky product from an unknown brand. This would also ensure you end up with the top of the line product always.

Renowned brands such as Haywards, Solaxx have a ton of reviews online which gives you more room for inspection, so you really know everything there is to know about the unit.

  • Pool type

Another essential factor to consider before purchasing a salt water chlorinator is the type of pool you have.

salt water chlorinator buying guide

Some products work well only for in-ground pool whereas some work for above ground pools. So, before investing in a product, it’s important to research it well, so you don’t end up buying a product that doesn’t work for you.

If you end up purchasing the wrong type of chlorinator, it would not work for you and cause you a lot of trouble.

  • Installation

A saltwater chlorinator is not a cheap investment; therefore, you would want it to be as convenient as it can be for you.

The installation process is a very important part of buying a product. You would want a product with an easy installation process so you can do it yourself saving the money you’d pay for professional help. This would make the product more convenient for you and overall provide a better value for you.

  • Size

Chlorinators come in a lot of different sizes. So, prior to investing in a product, you should make sure that it fits the place you’ve chosen for it. Some products might need extra assistance as in plumbing or accessories. Furthermore, some products work online while others work offline.

All of these factors are important to consider before buying a chlorinator. The size, the accessories, and the work procedures should be something you are mindful of.

  • The cell

It is the most important part of a saltwater chlorinator. It is the component which converts salt into salt water chlorine. Therefore, the product should have a long warranty for its cell, so it’s durable and works for a long time without needing any repairs.

  • Control board

The name says it all. It is the brains of the product. It controls the functionality of your saltwater chlorinator. Additionally, it is responsible for providing electricity to the chlorinator, and it will also be the component you use to control the amount of electricity your unit uses.

The control board of the salt water chlorinator allows you to fluctuate the amount of saltwater chlorine in your pool.

How do saltwater pools work?

It is always important to know how the machine you own works. It could help you fix it or install it. We already have mentioned the two most important components of a saltwater chlorinator previously.

One of them is the cell, whereas the other is called the control board of the unit.

The cell is where the process of electrolysis occurs to convert salt into salt water chlorine. Meanwhile, the control board, as the name suggests, is responsible for controlling the process by providing the cell energy.

The control board also allows you to control the levels of electricity given and the amount of salt water chlorine formed. You can increase or decrease both.

Now, how this product works is by a simple chemical phenomenon known as electrolysis, which surely most of you must be familiar with.

Chlorine comes from NaCl, which is more commonly known as salt. The chlorinator cell has the salt water going inside. Meanwhile, the cell has electric plates to which electricity is applied, causing salt to dissociate into chloride ions which convert into chlorine gas.

This gas dissolves into the water, which then comes back into your pool.

Advantages and disadvantages of salt water chlorinator

Like all machines and equipment, saltwater chlorinators also come with their set of advantages and drawbacks.

  • Advantages

We have discussed the maintenance of your saltwater pool in detail. It will make you realize how low maintenance your saltwater pool really is as compared to the benefits it provides. You only need to annually clean the cell and check up on it after 3 months.

Isn’t that great?

Once you’ve installed a salt water chlorinator to your pool, you will no longer need to add chlorine to it. You only need to add salt, which is much cheaper, and salt will be converted to chlorine automatically by the machine through the process of electrolysis.

This way, you will get the necessary chlorine, which keeps the water clean.

The name salt water chlorinator may scare you, but the fact is the salt levels in your water are reduced as chlorine is derived from them. The little amount of salt that does get left behind is not harmful to your skin or your eyes. It will not sting them. Therefore, you need not worry about residual salt.

Store bought chlorine not only stings your eyes but is also damaging to your skin and hair. The chlorine produced by a salt water chlorinator is lesser in quantity and therefore not harsh. It wouldn’t dry your hair out or harm your skin.

In fact, it is great for people with allergies and sensitive skin since the water is mild and gentle, which is certainly not going to cause your skin any problems.

  • Disadvantages

It can be an expensive investment since the units are not too cheap. Thus, your budget should be flexible for this investment, so you are able to buy a good quality product which is durable and works well with your pool.

Not only are the initial costs a lot but also the installation and operating costs of this product are pretty high. Upon investment in such an expensive product, nobody would want to ruin it by handling it themselves if they aren’t well equipped with how to install it.

Hiring professional help to install it costs a lot. Plus, if you end up investing in a model which isn’t electricity efficient, it may cost you a fortune.

This machine requires you to add salt to the water, which may actually cause long term damage to your pool. There will be slight wear tear which will take a long time before it starts becoming noticeable as the salt is present in the tiniest amounts.

Maintaining a Saltwater Pool

You shouldn’t think that once you’ve bought and installed a salt water chlorinator, your job is done. Saltwater pools require maintenance.

Luckily, it’s not very laborious or time-consuming, but it is necessary. Thus, do not forget to take the following measures to keep your saltwater chlorinator functioning perfectly and to maintain your saltwater pool.

salt water chlorinator maintaining

  • Keeping the cell clean

The cell, as we’ve mentioned earlier, is the most important part of your saltwater chlorinator. Therefore, it is crucial to keep it working fine.

The cell of your unit will get dirty over time. Thus, you’re required to clean it to keep it functioning well. However, it isn’t a frequently recurring thing which you’ll have to do. This could be an annual deal.

However, do check the cell after every three months for any calcium build up, which is not good for your chlorinator. Calcium prevents adequate amounts of chlorine to be formed. Therefore, it should be gotten rid of under all circumstances.

  • The alkalinity

Your pool’s alkalinity is an important quality which you need to keep in check. Low alkalinity could result in staining, corrosion, and the formation of algae. Meanwhile, high alkalinity levels could result in your pool being cloudy. So, you need to find a balanced middle spot that works for you.

  • The pH

The pH of your pool is another thing you need to be mindful of. The right pH will allow the chlorine to kill off the germs and bacteria in the water.

Therefore, for the chlorine to be effective, you need to keep your pH maintained. For doing so, you might occasionally need to add acid to your pool, which will help you to get your required pH levels.

  • Checking the chlorine levels

You may think of this as an extra precaution, but it’s more than that. Checking your chlorine levels is very important for your pool overall. If the chlorine levels are quite low, you may need to add more salt.

It could also be evident in calcium build up in your cell, which is inhibiting chlorine formation. As we’ve mentioned earlier, calcium isn’t good for the cell of your saltwater chlorinator as it prevents the conversion of salt to chlorine.

Salt Chlorine generator FAQs

We have answered some of you most asked questions. Take a look!

  1. What exactly is a saltwater pool system?

A saltwater pool system engages the simple phenomenon of electrolysis to produce chlorine gas. This dissolves in water to provide the required chlorine from salt. You install a machine in your pool to do so instead of getting store-bought chlorine.

  1. Is my saltwater pool free of chlorine?

Not really. Instead of adding store-bought chlorine, you add salt which produces chlorine. However, the chlorine produced from the salt is lesser in quantity than your store-bought chlorine. It functions just as well in keeping your pool healthy and clean without being as harsh as the alternative.

  1. Which type of salt should I use?

You do not need any special kind of salt for this process. You can just use normal salt. However, make sure that it is not iodized.

  1. Wouldn’t the salt hurt my eyes and skin?

Quite the contrary, in fact! The amount of salt present in the water is not harmful to your skin in any way. It will not sting your eyes either. The amount is so little that it actually helps in keeping your skin and hair soft.


Hopefully, by now, you will have made a decision as to which product you should invest in. Even though all of the products we talked about are great, there is one product that stood out to us.

It is none other than the Haywards Goldline AQR15! This product is amazing, truly. The brand is largely trusted by millions globally, and this product is a winner. It works efficiently and effectively and makes your pool experience amazing. Overall, it is a great investment.

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