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Aquabot X4 Review

In order to stay in a position to keep your pool clean and very hygienic, you need to make sure that you invest in the perfect kind of robotic cleaner.

This Aquabot X4 cleaner is no doubt a very good option for you to consider. This model comes with groundbreaking technology that turns this product into something worth the money. It has redefined pool cleaning technology, and this makes it easy to use.

Let’s read more about this pool cleaning technology, its pros and cons along with the verdict in order for you to make an informed decision.

So read on below!

Aquabot X4
Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

All About Aquabot X4 Robotic Pool Cleaner

This robotic cleaner comes with plenty of features that make it worth your money. These features include the following:

  • Remarkable Mapping Abilities

The first and foremost thing you must know about this model is that it is automatic. For this reason, you can make it better when it comes to navigating it.

Also, due to its automated technology, this unit has the best mapping technology available. This technology helps it to determine the right dimensions. Furthermore, this also helps to find the best cleaning cycle for your pool.

Another great thing about this product that it is created to meet the needs of all kinds of pools. Also, this robot can work for pools in the ground as well as above the ground.

In addition, you can easily navigate this robot pool cleaner. Using this technology, you can make sure that it stays away from ladders and stairs when cleaning.

Aquabot X4 Review

  • Ease Of Operation

Another great feature of this unit is the ease of operation it provides. Nobody wants to get a model that is hard to operate. With this robot, ease of operation is the good news many customers love to hear. Not only is Aquabot X4 easy to operate, but it also provides you with exceptional performance.

Moreover, it has a control panel that is equally simple to use and understand. Also, this unit has simple controls that help in setting the model properly. It can do programmable cleaning for up to 2 hours easily.

You can also set the timer on this model and allow it to run for 96, 72, and 48 hours easily. This makes investing in this unit absolutely worth it and provides you with ideal working time.

  • Energy Efficient

Another best part about this robot is that it is energy efficient. Just like every other product present in the market, the energy feature is something that is important to look at.

Luckily, when it comes to this model, it doesn’t disappoint in this case. Also, this unit is rated at 180W, which makes it one of the best robots to buy. You can use this Aquabot frequently without worrying about your bills.

Moreover, this unit provides you with exceptional performance features. It makes use of less power and provides you with a good output. Since the power consumption is low, this model saves you plenty of money.

  • 4 Wheel Drive

Having a robotic cleaning system with impressive drive system is no doubt enjoyable. The four-wheel-drive system on this unit makes it perfect for your pool.

Also, this drive system allows this robot cleaner to clean any type of pool easily. When it comes to cleaning the pool, due to the drive system, you are bound to enjoy it.

Also, this drive system is also good since it provides you with the perfect grip. This grip makes it easy to clean the walls of the pool as well as any other surface present. As a result, you can use this robot for different areas with ease.

  • The Brushes And Jets Are Incredibly Powerful

When it comes down to cleaning the pool, you are bound to appreciate this robot. This Aquabot provides you with a top-notch performance that you will appreciate.

Since this unit comes with powerful brushes and jets, this model is no doubt perfect. Also, the jets and brushes make it easy for the bot to scrub the dirt and grime stuck on the pool’s floor.

Furthermore, the micro brushes on this unit are very durable. This makes it possible to use this machine for cleaning the pool for years to come. Also, this durability makes sure that Aquabot survives for a long period of time in perfect condition.

Moreover, it also comes with rotating brushes. These brushes not only agitate the surface but also help in loosening any debris, dirt, and algae stuck. These brushes are essential in order to make sure that there is no build up in your pool.

  • Comes With Dual Media Filtration

Aquabot comes with filter baskets that are made with ultra-fine mesh. These help in capturing all dirt and derbies properly. Furthermore, the dual filtration system also captures fine particulates that other expensive cleaners are able to do so.

When it comes down to owning this model, you will definitely not be disappointed. This unit helps in providing you with clean and dirt-free water to swim in.

  • Uses Anti-Tangle Technology

Aquabot makes use of anti-tangle swivel technology. This technology is all you need for cleaning the pool without any worry.

Most of the time, cleaning robots get tangled in their own cable and ruin the machine or delay the cleaning. Due to this reason, you cannot swim in the pool on the day you want.

However, with Aquabot and its anti-tangle technology, you no longer have to keep an eye on it. This unit works perfectly on its own.

Since it is integrated with such innovative technology, Aquabot can navigate itself easily without having any tangles to deal with. This feature makes Aquabot stand out.

Pros And Cons

Like every other unit, Aquabot also comes with advantages and drawback. These include:


  • This unit has the ability to remove debris and bacteria easily.
  • It uses an impressive four-wheel drive system that provides it with good traction.
  • Autobot has great construction and a stylish design.
  • It also comes with a transport caddy.
  • Aquabot has a good warranty on these parts.


  • This unit does not have a lifting system.


With the above features and advantages present, you can easily see that it is, no doubt, one of the best models present in the market. This unit works perfectly and provides you with ideal performance.

If you are searching for a robot that provides you with good cleaning on a budget, then this is perfect. It has the ability to filter out particles that are 85gpm down to 2 microns.

Since this robot is suitable for inground and above ground pools, it is ideal for use. In addition, the power supply and the cordless technology of this unit makes it perfect.

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