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Coleman Lay-Z Spa Review 2023

If you are shopping for a portable at-home spa then you will definitely want to check out the Coleman Lay-Z Spa. The Coleman Lay-Z Spa is also referred to as the Coleman SaluSpa.

Most people associate the famous ‘Coleman’ name with tents and coolers, but they also make a top-of-the-line spa that blends craftsmanship, engineering, and affordability. Read on to learn about the amazing Coleman portable spa.

Coleman Lay-Z Spa
Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

All About the Coleman Lay-Z Spa

The Coleman Lay-Z Spa measures a comfortable six feet four inches across. It is 28 inches deep. The spa will comfortably hold up to 254 gallons of water.

The tub has been fashioned from two durable layers of PVC that are further reinforced with polyester mesh. Another nice feature is the vertical beam construction that gives support to the vinyl panels that make up the inflatable tub wall. You can lean against the side of the tub wall without worrying that it might bend or collapse.

The spa comes in a vibrant green hue. It also boasts a synthetic leather-type material exterior.

Highly portable, the spa weighs a light 86 pounds without water. It inflates and deflates so you can easily move the spa or take it with you when you move.

When fully inflated, the spa will hold from four to six adults. The ground mat is cushioned for comfortable seating. There is a ground cloth beneath the spa that protects the hot but from dirt or debris plus makes the bottom cushioned.

1 Coleman Lay-Z Spa Pump and Heater

Coleman Lay-Z Spa Review 2023

The combination pump and heater on the Coleman Lazy-Z Spa comes with digital controls which are easier to use and operate. The heat warms the water to a soothing 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It features a heating rate of 2 F per hour.

When you first put the spa together the water will need time to heat. It will usually be warm if left disturbed overnight. Ideally, you should set up the hot tub and fill it with water the day before you plan on using it to provide it with ample time for the pump to warm the water.

The pump has an efficient air blower that creates 120 bubble jets to massage your body and

Muscles. The air blower will also help you blow up the tub when setting it up. There is a built-in pressure gauge to help stop you from overinflating the tub.

The built-in valves allow you to inflate the hot tub and also keeps air from escaping when you disconnect the air hose. There is also a specialized tightening wrench that comes with the hot tub and enables you to tighten the valve and stop leaks.

2 Lay-Z-Spa Cover

The here a matching green cover included with the Lay-Z-Spa. Made from faux-leather, the cover helps keep the water warm, prevent falling debris from getting into the water and also act as a safety feature that prevents pets and small children from falling into the water.

The perimeter of the spa has several clips that fasten to the cover to hold it firmly in place. Thre are also built-in handles located on the sides of the hot tub that enable you to move it easily and effortlessly around.

The entire of the cover is covered in a foil liner that helps hold in the heat in the water. There is also an included inflatable disk that sits on top of the tub just enough the cover.

3 Additional Items Included with the Lay-Z-Spa

You will receive one filter cartridge, a patch kit, and a chemical floater. There is also an instructional video that outlines set up along with maintenance after the spa becomes fully functional.

coleman Lay-Z-Spa Additional

4 Warranty with the Coleman Lay-Z-Spa

The warranty with the Coleman Lay-Z Spa is impressive compared to other similar spa brands. The heat pump is under full warranty for one year. The inflatable tub has a 90 warranty and the hoses/fittings have a 30-day warranty.

5 Coleman Lay-Z-Spa Review Pros and Cons

As with any purchase, there are going to be pros and cons. Please continue reading to learn about the hot tub’s many pros and cons.

Here is a list of pros and cons for the Lay-Z-Spa

  • Easy setup
  • Durable
  • Cover
  • 120 bubble jets
  • Air pad for cushion
  • I beam construction
  • Generous warranty
  • Water often leaks from the pump
  • Can sustain a puncture


If you are looking for a portable spa then you definitely should consider the Coleman Lay-Z-Spa. Coleman has earned a respected name buy manufacturing durable outdoor items and the Lay-Z-Spa does not disappoint.

The Coleman Lay-Z-Spa is one of the best portable spas available. Please weigh all of the pros and cons and you will find that this hot tub is one of the best on the market today.

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