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Top 10 Best Foot Spas For The Money 2021 Reviews

Do your feet feel tired or worn out after doing some heavy work? Do you want to have a relaxing time after work? Then, you need one good foot spa that will give you the time of your life.

Here, we have a list of 10 best foot spas that will smoothen your feet, as well as help in improving the blood circulation around your body. As a result, you can get good sleep, keep stress away, etc.

So, which one will turn out to be your best pick? Let us find out below!

Top 10 Best Foot Spas For The Money 2021 Reviews

Best Foot Spa Comparison Table


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

 Top 10 Best Foot Spas In 2021 Reviews

1 Ivation Foot Spa Massager

This amazing foot spa massager will rightly help you in relieving sores and softening your feet. Featuring multifunction massaging, the foot spa will soothe your achy heels, toes, and even ankles. Thus, it can be quite a useful product for athletes going for long-running sessions.

Moreover, the invigorating vibration allows better circulation of blood through your foot that in turn, smoothens your skin texture. Also, you can turn on the two motorized rollers that will specifically work in the tired and tensed area of your feet.

Furthermore, it comes with oxygenating bubble action. This is enabled by the multiple water jets that produce a number of calming bubbles. These will relieve the pain from your feet, thus making it go away.

What is more?

The pool has the ability to heat the water up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. And no, it will not take hours to heat up, but only a few minutes to get the task done. However, you can desirably control the temperature settings as per your needs.

In addition, there is a large LCD display that clearly shows you your chosen settings. It also has a timer, so that you can set your spa experience to a limited amount of time. This helps in preventing excessive use of spa that may result in redness and burns on your skin.

Plus, this foot spa massager has 3 attachments that allow a full pedicure treatment at the comfort of your home. Fantastic, right?

Hence, with this all-in-one spa massager, say goodbye to those painful and worn-out feet.

Ivation Foot Spa Massager
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

  • Adjustable heat controlling to set the temperature you want.
  • Produces oxygenating bubbles that relieve pain.
  • Soothes your achy heels, and toes, making your skin smoother.
  • Has 3 attachments to enable a pedicure treatment.
  • Clear LCD display to view settings.
  • The water might leak from the bottom.

2 Artnaturals Foot Spa Massager

This massager comes with all-in-one features. It has an eye-catching and appealing design that will go well with all sorts of interiors.

Meanwhile, the control system of this product is made highly efficient so that the user faces no difficulty in its operation.

Furthermore, the spa comes with a big LCD display to keep track of the changes. This way, you can alter the options just to match your needs. The screen also shows the current temperature.

The relaxing bubbles and smooth vibrations are added to take your stress and worry away while soothing your feet. Amazing, right?

Feeling lazy in draining away the water after such a relaxing massage? This foot spa has you covered with its automatic drain feature. The water will be drained away itself through the drainage tube; hence, you do not have to put in any effort.

The machine is built with an extensive foot care system that will relieve your tired and aching toes. Also, thanks to its reliable performance, it massages all the right spots to provide you an experience full of comfort.

The best part of this product? It’s extremely lightweight at only 5.2 pounds. Thus, you can carry it around easily according to where you want to have a massage. Also, a portable handle is added for easy movement.

In addition, an infra-red light is included to sterilize your feet. It also indicates when the water temperature gets too hot for your feet.

Artnaturals Foot Spa Massager
Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

  • Built-in heater to efficiently warm the water.
  • Will smoothen your achy feet.
  • You can manually control the temperature according to your suiting.
  • Produce bubbles that give a calming effect.
  • May turn out to be very noisy.
  • Weak bubbles may be created.

3 HoMedics Compact Pro Spa Collapsible Footbath

This spa heater from HoMedics deserves to be in the list of the best spa heaters.

It has a soothing heat feature that will give a good heating message to your foot. So, after a long, tiring day of hard work, you can relax your feet with this spa heater. Also, the heat maintenance technology makes sure that the water remains ideally warm so that you can get the maximum relief.

Moreover, it comes with small, raised acu-nodes located in the water basin. You can move your feet in both the backward and forward direction over these nodes to release pain and tension from them. As a result, you can enjoy a vibrating massage with different sensations.

In addition, for your ease, the foot spa consists of a collapsible tube. This means that when you are not using the heater, you can collapse the tub. With this, the overall area is reduced, and you can easily store it in smaller spaces.

Meanwhile, due to the anti-collapsible feature, the tub will not collapse when there is water in it. Hence, no water will spill out of the tub.

That is not all…

This foot spa is extremely safe to use with Epsom salts. So, hardly any damage will come to your product, and you can greatly enjoy the massaging experience.

Also, it is specially designed to keep the water warm for a longer time. Thus, you will not have to get up or adjust the settings again and again.

HoMedics Compact Pro Spa Collapsible Footbath
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

  • Comes with raised acu-nodes to provide a vibrating massage.
  • Features a collapsible tub to reduce storage space.
  • Heat maintenance technology ensures the water stays warm for a long time.
  • It is safe to use with Epsom salts.
  • The spill-proof feature prevents water from spilling out of the tub.
  • The vibrations may not be smooth.
  • May produce a loud noise.

4 ACEVIVI Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager With Heat

This amazing foot spa from Acevivi is an all-in-one foot spa. It has an automatic motorized roller that massages your feet at the exact point where it is needed the most. Moreover, it produces a comfortable amount of heat to keep the water temperature warm. Thus, you can experience a relieving massage.

Moreover, it produces powerful bubbles that create a calming effect on your skin. A large number of bubbles will pop when they come into contact with your foot, hence giving a nice sensation.

Furthermore, an infra-red light is there. The purpose of this light is to indicate the user when the temperature of the water rises beyond an unfavorable point. Thus, you can take necessary measures and prevent your feet from experiencing burns.

What is more?

Because the foot spa has the ability to relieve pain from the tensed points in your feet, this helps in bettering the blood circulation in your body. Also, it relieves stress, fatigue, and help in improving the metabolic system of your body.

In addition, it also features a unique medicine compartment. Here, you can add sea salts or herbs to make your massaging experience better.

The foot spa bath comes with an adjustable heater. It means that you can control the temperature of the water as per your requirements between 35 and 48 degree Celsius. So, keep the temperature however you want.

ACEVIVI Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager With Heat
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

  • Has an infra-red light to avoid overheating of water.
  • Adjustable water temperature according to your needs.
  • Targets the tense and painful areas of your feet to relieve pain.
  • Improves the body’s metabolic system.
  • Enhances regulation of blood.
  • Has a medicine compartment where you can add sea salt and herbs.
  • May produce very fewer bubbles.

5 Foot Spa Bath Massager With Heat

This is a product that can turn out to be a really good pick if you are looking for some best foot spas.

With the addition of a PTC heater, you can rightly adjust the temperature of water in the bathtub between 35 and 48 degree Celsius. Thus, you can enjoy a customized foot spa experience just as you like.

The soles have an acupuncture point that is related to different spots. When you get a massage at that right spot with this unit, the performance of your organ will significantly improve.

Also, with this foot spa bath massager, you can relieve your tensed muscles of your feet and soothe your tired feet. This will also, in turn, have a positive impact on the circulation of blood around your body. Besides, getting a good foot spa can also improve the functioning of your metabolic system.

In addition, it comes with a totally automatic motorized roller that massages your feet’s acupuncture point.

Another interesting part? The spa massager produces thousands of bubbles that have a calming sensation on your feet. They also help with achy and worn-out feet, therefore smoothing your skin.

By combining these oxygen bubbles with acupuncture, you can relieve fatigue, stress, and tiredness from your body.

Further, it comes with infra-red light. What is this for? The light turns on when the water temperature in the tub gets too hot. As a result, it keeps your feet safe from burns and redness.

Foot Spa Bath Massager With Heat
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

  • Helps with achy toes, heels, and foot.
  • The acupuncture improves the functioning of your organs.
  • Has an infra-red light that indicates the hotness of water in the tub.
  • Creates oxygen bubbles that have a soothing effect.
  • Relieve your foot from pain and tension, thus improving the circulatory system.
  • The rollers may not be easy to install.
  • Remote control may not work right.

6 All In One Foot Spa Bath Massager

This unit could be the one thing missing from your relaxation time!

It has an infra-red light that glows when the temperature of water in the bathtub gets too hot. Thus, it prevents overheating and does not let the heat burn your skin. So, enjoy a safe and relaxing massage without any worries.

Moreover, the foot spa has the capability to produce hundreds of oxygen bubbles in the water. This creates a calming effect on your feet and helps with worn-out feet.

Furthermore, it specifically targets the area with the most tension and pain; thus, helping you get rid of the uneasiness. With this, the spa also contributes to enhancing the blood circulation around your body.

Wait that is not all!

The product comes with electric leakage protection. The water will not leak out from the tub, allowing you to experience a carefree foot spa.

In addition, this amazing heater has a PTC heating semiconductor. With this, the water heats up quickly, and once it reaches the ideal temperature, it stays constant. Also, there is secure multi-installation protection.

This spa bath massager features two rollers that roll across the foot. As a result, you can efficiently send away fatigue and tiredness from your feet.

Plus, do not worry about the durability of the product at all. The body is manufactured with a high-quality plastic material that has the power to withstand higher temperatures. Also, it is aging-resistant; the looks will remain intact for a long time.

All In One Foot Spa Bath Massager
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

  • Has an infra-red light that prevents overheating.
  • Comes with a durable body that can bear high temperatures.
  • Produces calming oxygen bubbles to smoothen your skin.
  • Contributes to improving blood circulation and the metabolic system of the body.
  • May get extremely hot in no time.

7 PowMax Foot Spa Massager

No doubt, using this foot spa will make your feet feel much smoother and more relaxed.

It comes with an automatic infra-red heating system. The light indicates when the temperature reaches a maximum of 50 degree Celsius, which is very hot. Thus, you can take necessary measures to avoid over-heating in the tub and your feet from getting burnt.

Furthermore, it consists of four massage rollers. They roll themselves across the foot bone, providing a relieving sensation. Besides, the spa produces thousands of oxygen bubbles in the water that improve blood circulation and metabolic systems of your body.

In addition, the smart and easy sealing cover comes with non-slip mats. Moreover, on the cover, there is a digital LED screen that lets you clearly choose the desired settings. The system is very easy to start with the push of just one button.

Along with these, there is a basket handle that allows you to carry the massager around easily. So, you do not have to put in many efforts in order to move it from one place to another.

What is more?

The body of this foot spa massager will not break down any time soon. This is because high-quality plastic is used in the making of this product. Therefore, the unit is highly durable.

Also, high temperatures would not do any damage to the design because it is resistant to high temperatures. So, you can enjoy a comforting foot massage as you like.

PowMax Foot Spa Massager
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

  • Resistant to high temperatures.
  • Made with good quality plastic, hence durable.
  • Comes with infra-red light that protects against over-heating.
  • Has a digital LED screen to display settings.
  • Quickstart option.
  • Reduces swelling from feet.
  • Consists of 4 rollers that roll through the foot bone.
  • Produces calming oxygen bubbles that also improve blood circulation.
  • May create weak bubbles.

8 Comfortology Aura Foot Spa Massager

Another foot spa massager that deserves recognition in the list of best foot spas is this one by Comfortology.

This massager uses unique PTC heating technology that warms up the water 30 times faster than any usual foot spa massager. Hence, you do not have to wait for a long time to use this unit.

Furthermore, the specific temperature controls make sure that the water heats up to the perfect level of hotness. Therefore, you can enjoy a relaxing feet massage.

Featuring 4 automatic rollers, the Aura foot spa massage has the ability to remove dead skin cells 5 times better than any ordinary foot massager. As a result, you can get soft and smooth skin while kicking pain and tension away from your feet.

Tired of adjusting the settings every time you use the massager? This foot spa gets you rid of that.

With the Smart Start technology, the massager is capable of memorizing your most-used settings, such as temperature, time, and massage strength. So, every time you turn on the machine, it will set those preferred settings automatically, so that you can start your massage quickly.

Moreover, it is constructed with superb quality plastic. Due to this, you should not be concerned about the durability because the manufacturers made sure that the product does not break off anytime soon.

Lastly, it has leak-free seals. As a result, you can experience a good massaging without any worries of your floor getting wet.

Comfortology Aura Foot Spa Massager
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

  • Has a high-temperature resistance.
  • It is leak-free, so the water will not spill out.
  • Capable of removing dead cells from your feet with 4 rollers.
  • Has an intelligent start system with a press of just one button.
  • Can memorize your most-used settings.
  • May not produce a lot of bubbles.

9 Foot Spa Bath Massager With Heat

Are you an athlete, or have a tough workout schedule? Then, this foot spa will be the right one for you!

It will relieve your feet from soreness, pain, and tension, leaving you with soft and smooth feet. The automatic massage will soothe achy heels, toes, and ankles. Hence, after a tiring day of hard work, you can count on this foot massager to relax your feet.

In addition, the bathtub comes with an amazing heating system that carries out its task perfectly. It contributes to maintaining the temperature of water in the tub that is most suitable for you.

Also, the 3D automatic spa scraping massage feature help in enhancing the circulation of blood around your body. Furthermore, the metabolic system that will send away the toxins we usually inhale with air. With this amazing foot spa, you can reliably reduce stress and fatigue.

Moreover, it comes with an LCD screen that notably displays all the chosen settings and lets you make changes when necessary. You can clearly see all the available options here.

Besides, the 4 automatic massage wheelers located under the massager make it easy to move it from one place to another.

Another great fact? It has a well-built drainage tube that allows you to conveniently drain the water after you are done with the massage. Hence, you would not have to put in effort into cleaning this thing up and can be done quickly.

Foot Spa Bath Massager With Heat
Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

  • Reduces stress, fatigue, and improves blood circulation.
  • Deals with achy ankles, toes, and heels.
  • Has an LCD screen that displays settings.
  • 4 wheelers located at the bottom for easy movement.
  • Comes with a drainage tube for easy and quick draining of water.
  • May leak from the bottom.
  • The body may not be durable.

10 NURSAL All-in-one Foot Spa Bath Massager

Lastly, we have the Nursal foot spa bath massager to add in the list of best foot spas.

This one comes with a controlled heating feature. Hence, you can set the temperature according to your needs anywhere between 95 and 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, it does not take a lot of time to warm the water in the water tub and can get the task done within minutes. So, enjoy a good massage without having to wait for too long.

Moreover, it has the ability to produce thousands of oxygen bubbles that has a soothing effect on your feet. These bubbles help in improving the circulation of blood in your body, as well as the body’s metabolism. As a result, it will also send away fatigue and tiredness.

In addition, the massager has 11 unique mini multi-rollers. These help in giving a kneading massage that can remove tiredness and soreness from your feet after a long day of hard work.

Besides, the durability of this product is not worth a single moment of doubt. Made with high-quality plastic, the design will not change its look anytime soon. And, even higher temperatures can do no harm to the body because it is heat-resistant. Great, right?

Plus, a digital display is there to ensure that all the settings are displayed clearly. You can easily customize your foot spa experience by picking out the suitable settings.

It has a distinguished design where most of the feet can fit easily.

NURSAL All-in-one Foot Spa Bath Massager
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

  • Digital display to clearly show settings.
  • 11 mini multi-rollers to give a kneading massage.
  • Made of highly durable plastic body.
  • You can adjust the temperature per your requirements.
  • Can easily resist high heat.
  • Water may leak from the bottom.
  • Timer may not work effectively.

Best Foot Spa Buying Guide

Now that you know some of the best foot spas available in the market, let us move towards what to look for in an ideal product.

What Feature Do You Want The Most?

First, you need to figure out that what exactly you would want in your foot spa; oxygen bubbles or the quick heating feature. Once you have figured it out, then look for the product that offers the feature.

Then, whether you want to go for one with rollers or does their absence has no impact on your massaging needs? Decide, and go for the product accordingly.

Portability And Space

If you have to move your spa again and again for each use, then, you should pick one that comes with a handle or wheelers at the bottom. This makes it easier for you to move the spa around.

Also, if you do not have enough space to store the foot spa, then a collapsible spa would be a better pick. You can fold it after use, thus reducing the storage space.

Easy To Use

The foot spa you choose must be easy and convenient to use. It should not take you a lot of time to completely master the operation of your foot spa. So, it will be intelligent to go for a product that has a smart start system and a remote control system, so that you can comfortably pick between the settings.

Moreover, it should have an efficient drainage system. With this, you can quickly and effortlessly drain away the water after each use. Also, it becomes easier to clean such foot spas.

Quiet Operation

Your foot spa will not be able to completely provide you with a relaxing experience if it constantly makes loud noises during working. Instead, it will annoy and disturb you with all that unwanted noise.

Hence, before picking a foot spa, check whether it is able to provide smooth and quiet operation.

Safe With Epsom Salts And Oils

If you’re an athlete or work out daily for long hours, then your feet would frequently suffer from fungal infections swelling. To get rid of them, you would need extra oils and salts in your foot bath.

So, you should make sure that the product you are buying is safe to use with such oils and salts.

Benefits Of Foot Spas

Using a foot spa comes with many advantages. These include:

  • Better Circulation Of Blood

Once you are done with a proper, relaxing foot spa, the blood in your body circulates better than before.

  • Relives Stress

It is known that getting a foot massage helps in sending away stress and fatigue from your body. This is done so by improving the metabolism of your body through calming bubbles and ideal water temperature.

Also, it helps in reducing arthritic pain by disposing of the pressure and tension of your foot muscles and joints. Moreover, you can treat achy and worn-out heels, toes, and ankles by treating yourself with a foot bath.

  • Intensifies Energy Levels

Taking a foot spa also contributes to increased energy levels in the body. By eliminating the tension in the muscles and joints, it releases the energy held in them back to the body.

Hence, you will feel fresher and more energized than ever.


You now have a good bit of idea of how to buy a good foot spa for yourself. Remember to read the reviews and buying guide above diligently again before heading out to purchase one.

As for us, the ACEVIVI Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager With Heat has won the show. It offers the infra-red light feature for overheat protection and has a medicine compartment. In addition, you can accordingly adjust the temperature of the water with this one.

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